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This is an exclusive offer for ministers who are believers in and proponents of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. It is expected that the minister or church will use their custom website exclusively and distinctly for Christian ministry.

Ministers needing a website:  I can help you have an affordable website for church or your ministry.  And your "Just For You and the Lord" website design and services will be SUPERIOR .

I can build your affordable website, with premium design, customizing it to fit your needs.   I can do this at below market pricing making your website affordable.   It can be an informational site providing your followers information about your church and ministry or interactive providing information such as hours open and directions to find you while inviting viewers to interact with your offers, [such as donations] information and so forth.   You could have blogging website, create a blog and send it out as a newsletter article.  You can have map & directions, calendar of events and more.  You can even have 2 domain specific email accounts for you and staff.  All this plus I can manage and maintain it for you so you can focus your time on your ministry.

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