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CUSTOM WEBSITES:  All our websites are custom.  Websites are designed original and one-of-a-kind just for you.  Our team will customize your website to fit your desires and critical needs as you portray them to the webmaster.

AFFORDABLE WEBSITES:  More services for your money; less for you to spend time doing.  For example, you deal with one Webmaster to build and then manage and maintain your site.  Equals lower costs.  Services can be tailored to your specific business or church needs.

WEBSITE DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT:  We understand that time is of the essence to Customer so you are assigned a webmaster to focus on your website needs.  Your webmaster will prompt you from time to time for the next site requirements.   Submitting of information will be necessary to keep the design process moving along.  The more information you provide and the more you communicate you needs, the quicker you site will become a reality.

DOMAIN NAMES :  Your domain name is a critical element for your online presence.  It becomes your "brand."  The domain name registration can be accomplished for our customers. The customer incurs the cost of registration and will be a cost in addition to the setup and management fees.  Need help to pick a domain name and register it, just ask.

HOSTING:  Websites are hosted on 10 Star hosting lightening fast server and includes backup and restore services done for you.

Custom Websites are Managed and Maintained

SITES ARE MAINTAINED AND MANAGED:   YOUR webmaster and our team looks after your site keeping it updated and backed up.  We keep daily/ weekly free backups for our website customers.

BACKUP & RESTORATION are included services.  Backups are scheduled by our team.  For Site restoration simply submit request thru our website support portal at: and our staff will handle the restoration except maybe for some questions as may be necessary to resolve the issue.

Already Have a Website - but Need Help

Already Have a Website - but Need Help.  MOVING YOUR EXISTING SITE TO OUR SERVICES:  We can manage and maintain your website for you.  You can transfer your existing site to take advantage of our expert superior services.  Site migrations will require some details from you the website owner.  There will be a transfer migration fee.   Design revisions can be included.

Contact our migration team.

You Provide the Information - We Do The Work

GRAPHICS AND IMAGES:  Website Logo and Header graphic design is offered within limits.   Describe what you would like and see what we can create.  Send us your ideas, images, even drawings and we design from you input.

YOU PROVIDE INFORMATION :   You submit information for the development of your website thru our contact-support portal.  or at email: .  Email submission must always include a relevant SUBJECT and continue with same SUBJECTS until that task is complete in order to keep the web developer focused.  Follow up using existing emails SAME SUBJECT to create a SUBJECT THREAD UNTIL TASK IS COMPLETED.  This will save precious time and enhance communications.

You are responsible for providing informational facts and content in writing [Word doc format or comparable] along with images [jpg or png format].  TIMELINE FOR GETTING YOUR WEBSITE COMPLETED WILL DEPEND ON HOW QUICKLY YOU SEND INFORMATION.   The faster you are, the quicker the developer can do YOUR WEBSITE.  All Photo images and any specific content text desired will be furnished by you.   But at your request the Webmaster may find some images that can be used.   Developer will edit images and re-write text content when needed and make minor image edits during development and during regular editing processes.

You will be asked to view and approve all site content as we proceed.

Development, copy writing and editing will continue until site is complete.  Developer will closely edit and rewrite text, using Microsoft Word spell and grammar check for each site page to serve best interests of Customer.  Developer may make suggestions for additional images or different site content in the best interest of customer.

Options for Customizing

Available Services that DO NOT INCUR labor charges:  This is likely NOT complete.

  • Domain Registration:  We can do it for you, but you reimburse use for  costs from the registrar.
  • Image resizing when necessary.
  • Graphic artwork for Header, Logo, Icons to be used on the website being serviced.  This is a limited service [most other developers will charge].  It is limited by the software available, and the skill of the designer [not a certified graphic artist].
  • Site Backup and Restore.  This is MORE than just support.  We actually do it for you.

More Options

Options that may incur extra charges:  These can be included in Site Setup and Management Agreement

This list is likely NOT complete

  • Register customer domain names.  Will include Registrars charges.
  • Use of purchased copyright images.  Only on request or approval of customer and will incur extra charges.
  • Newsletter development may or may not incur extra charges.
  • Newsletter broadcasting management; where we send you blog posts to your list.
  • Blog Posting & Editing can be done for bloggers [will incur charges].
  • Google maps embedded into customer website.  Google API requirements may incur charges & Customer’s Credit Card info.
  • Site Editing after site completion [except error corrections always NO cost] will incur charges.
  • Images sent in other than jpg or png formats.  Conversion costs when available.
  • Additional website software known as Themes, or Software Plug-ins.
  • Restoring website down for lack of or late payment.


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